Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pregnancy Scrapbook

I've been trying to post more consistently lately, but today when I went to write something I just didn't want to. All I wanted to do was think about how I'm going to scrap book my pregnancy (and Little Miss when she comes along).

During my all afternoon shopping extravaganza last weekend I spent a good hour in the scrap booking aisles of Hobby Lobby looking through materials and trying to decide what to buy. I'm a novice scrap booker although I did have what some would call a scrap wall in high school. (I'll try to find a picture of that to post at some point). I'm really good at the collecting things from memorable events part, not so good at the organizing them beyond throwing them in shoebox part. I've decided I'm going to do something about that so I can better document her impending childhood.

I had no idea there was so much stuff involved in scrap booking. I looked a ton of it and decided on just a few items that I think fit with my style.

Since I have nothing but the scrapbooking paper left over from our wedding placemats, (Which reminds me I need to post about our wedding. I didn't start my blog until after the wedding but it was Country Living fabulous and I have a ton of pictures to share) I went with a page kit. I'm sure that's sacrilage to a real scrapbooker, but I figured it was a good way to get a bunch of stuff all together and not have to find all the individual bits. It also comes with ideas on how to put them together which I like. I've never done this before so I need a little more inspiration than I do with some other creative projects.  I got this one since it was 40% off.

I used a very similar pattern on one of the walls in the original Dream Dollhouse I built for my nieces. I must like it. It has brightly mis-colored animals (see the realization from this weekend) so that's not exactly surprising.

There was another baby girl one I liked too, and some sticker sets I thought were cute but they weren't on sale and I just refuse to pay full price for anything at HB. I'll go back with a 40% off coupon for it one of these days.

Between the two page kits, the Dream Dollhouse wallpaper leftovers, and the wedding placemat paper I think I'll have enough to create a sufficiently adorable yet not quite obnoxiously baby girl themed scrapbook.

I picked out this bright, Barbie pink cloth album after about 20 minutes of debating between it and the same one in aqua. There was another one in pink with white polka dots, but I wasn't super keen on the vinyl cover.

I'm going to write her name on it with these awesome pea green letters with white polka dots. I loved them the moment I saw them.

I'm also thinking I'll add a couple of other elements like the three dimensional lion sticker from the kit and something else to spice it up.  Since I'm not a hardcore scrapbooker I'm thinking this will be a pregnancy/baby book not two separate ones so her name makes more sense than "Pregnancy" or some other title.

All of this is, of course, is at home along with all the bits I would scrap rather than in my office where I am on my lunch break. No scrapbooking for me. Just fantasizing about scrapbooking.

I searched the internet for inspiration instead. I found advice on creating a pregnancy scrapbook. Hint: I'm already WAY behind. Not a single picture to my knowledge of me from the last several months. Ooops. But seriously, how many pictures of me expanding does the world really need?

I also found some lovely page ideas. I'm sure I'll spice it up Amber style, but I like a little creative inspiration. 

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