Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You Have No Idea How Important You Are

I was in the car with my friend, Christa, yesterday and I had one of those epiphany moments about the importance of the little actions we take in life that we don't think too much about.

Our now mutual friend, Julie, told my husband a year and a half ago that he needed to meet Christa's husband, Justin. They're both home brewers and she thought they should talk.

As a result, I met Christa and knew immediately she was my spirit friend (we had the same old issue of a magazine on our coffee tables). A couple of months later, Christa convinced me to apply for my job.

I got that job. It came with health insurance and a reasonable income. For the first time in my life I felt like having a kid wouldn't be completely insane.

Norie rocks my face off.

So thanks Julie. You get a a whole lot of credit for this uber cute little bug.



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