Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day (Hey... I LOVE YOU!!!)

I heart Valentine's Day.

Heart: a term of general affection with an emphasis on playfulness and joy. Frequently used by one of my bestest friends and college roommate.

I do. Some people are all about poo pooing the consumerism associated with it, but I for one am all about celebrating love in all it's forms (including heart-ing) today. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are loved and today is the perfect day to work on doing that if you think you haven't been doing it enough or to keep doing it if you're loving the crap out of everyone you know. Love makes life better.

Last week I was shopping in Target near a woman with a small child in her cart. She was maybe three or four. I'm not really a good judge since my kid is still measured in weeks and only visible as the expansion of my abdomen to a previously unknown size. I assure you she is growing rapidly. Anyway, this kid was talking to her mom while she move amongst the clothing racks. The conversation went about like this.

Kid: Hey Mom...

Mom: What?

Kid: I love you.

Mom: I love you too.

Like 5 seconds of silences

Kid: Hey Mom.

Mom: What?

Kid: I Love You!

Mom: I love you too.

This went on for six or seven iterations at which point the mother was getting a little embarrassed, but clearly cognizant of how adorable this is to everyone else in the area.

Kid: Hey Mom.

Mom: What is it Honey?

Kid: I LOVE YOU!!!

Mom : I love you too. Even when you're being a little stinker.

I had been pretty stressed out when I walked into the store, but I was totally over it by the time I walked out of earshot of those two. I even called my mom convinced Bump had used her telepathic ability to communicate with other children to encourage the kid. I think I needed to hear it way more than that mom did at that exact moment.

I'm all for saying you love people absolutely every time you feel it even if that means you say it every five seconds. Ask my sister or anyone who has heard me on the phone with her. Sometimes I have to say it like three times before we hang up. Some people think that's a bit much or somehow makes it less meaningful. Not me. I mean it every freaking time I say it.

Especially to this guy.

We'll be having Chipotle to celebrate Valentine's Day later. How did I get so lucky? I don't know, but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.



  1. Hey, I love you, Amber. I'll never get tried of hearing it(I love you) either.

  2. I LOVE YOU TOO! Happy Valentine's Day!

    Isn't my mom sweet?



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