Friday, February 24, 2012

Hutch for my 28th Birthday Writing Desk

My mom (and I think maybe my dad too) gave me this vanity for my 28th birthday.

They gave it to me because she knew my Illustrated Discovery Journal is the best place to find birthday present ideas for me. (Apparently, when you don't really get too excited over new items it makes you hard to shop for.)

This desk was one of the very first items I added to my IDJ.

I'm going to make a hutch for the vanity to convert it into my very own fabulous desk inspired by this own.

Now, depending on how well you know me or how much attention you are paying you may or may not have noticed just how long this project went undone. (I'm 29 and I got this desk before we moved into The Parsonage.)

I'm going to finish it though. And soon.

Why? Because I desperately want to add a Project Plan to Ana White's website and because I just really want my freaking desk. How could anyone not want that desk? It makes me smile every time I see it.

Since it was a vanity the center of the top was hinged to open up with a mirror. I've already cut out the front center and built the drawer box. (I still need to reattached the face. I made a tiny cutting error and I need to fix some collateral damage before it's ready to attach.) Other wise I just need to build the hutch, change out the knobs, and do the sanding/painting part.

Now that I have a reason, I think I can get in short order. I designed a couple different versions of the hutch in SketchUp over a year ago thanks to Ana's helpful tutorial. I made the center a little higher so my laptop can be pushed back into it while it's open. I need that. I should probably also add the decorative bit of detail to the top of the hutch before I post it, but you get the basic idea.

I'm not entirely sure which of the two I want to do, but since the only difference is a shelf I think I'll make it peg style adjustable and then I can just take it out altogether if I decide I don't like it.

So that's the plan. Buy wood, cut, and build the hutch and create the Project Plan so other people can do it without having to think quite so hard about how to make the whole thing go together. Should be easy, right?

Update: I swear I didn't remember posting about this exact same project last April. Check it out. Let's hope I actually do it.


  1. Haha...I thought it looked familiar! Maybe you posted a plan on Ana's website about that time too since it's how I made here in the first place!

  2. Could be. At least I still want to do the same thing. That's some serious shelf life on that project. :)

  3. Hi - that's great that your parents have a way of figuring out what you want via your journal. This is a beautiful desk idea.

    Just thought I would let you know that I found you via Pinterest (someone else pinned a green server or console that you did). When I clicked on the pic ('cause I want to pin it and give you credit for it), there was a notice that this site had spam (or something similar to that). Thought I would let you know. Write to me if you need other info - I can find out who pinned it - and you can look for yourself.

    Thought you should know this.

    Love your blog!




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