Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nursery Floorplan

In an effort to structure and use my time effectively this year I've allocated days to each of my major project areas. Wednesday is Baby Day which means I get to spend the whole evening playing with things related to the baby. To be honest, most of things on the baby prep checklist aren't exactly thrilling.

Maybe I'm missing something, but scheduling a glucose tolerance test and filling out paperwork are exactly ideas that have me all excited about Baby Day. I added work on the nursery so I wouldn't go crazy. That and because I can't not decorate. It's just not in my nature. I MUST make things attractive.

Since I'm not exactly in a condition to move furniture around repeatedly and I wanted to visualize the space I decided to try out Pottery Barn Kids Room Planner. They do mention it in every email they send me. Not sure I remember signing up for those. I bet sold them my email. I don't mind though. I'm all about nursery ideas these days.

I measured the room so it would be to scale and started adding in the furniture we already have, have been offered already, or probably need to acquire before Little Miss is born. It was fun and now I know exactly what size of rug I want which is super helpful.

I colored in the stuff we have like Austin's family heirloom rocker,

the papasan chair and bookshelf we already have, and a huge corn plant I'm going to put in there. I even put one of the placemat throw pillows I made on the chair.

It would look great with that vintage aqua afghan I saw out shopping last week, don't you think?

I also colored in the existing carpet. If Austin has anything to say about it that will be covered up with new, plusher carpet before we're finished so maybe it should look more like this.

For the record, he has great taste and decided where most of the furniture should go. I didn't like the way I originally had it nearly as much. What do you think?

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