Friday, August 30, 2013


Hey there. It's been a while. 
This morning I got an article torn out of BUST magazine in the mail.

It was titled,

Cut from a Different Cloth: Amy Sedaris' New Fabric Line will Give you a Crafting Boner
Now that is a fucking title. 
Which reminds me. I've decided not to censor myself on my blog anymore. I drop F-bombs like sprinkles and that's okay. It's part of who I am. I try to refrain from dropping too many in social situations where it's inappropriate or around my 1 year old, but to be honest, I'm also a lot more concerned about her speech being kind than I am about whether or not it includes a few expletives. Yup. I just said that, Mom. Sorry. Love you!

Anywho, it lead to me having this little conversation with myself in a chat to the AWESOME person who sent it to me. 
I really want to blog about a crafting boner
think it's okay if i start blogging like i actually talk? maybe that's my niche? people who drop f bombs like sprinkles and want to build awesome shit and crafty things?
in fact, i think it is
So, there you go kids. My new niche. It's what sets me apart from all the awesome mommy/DIY/home decorating blogs I read. Which are totally awesome. I love you all. I'm just not you. I'm someone who totally got a craft boner over Amy Sedaris' fabric line (and yes, I'm aware it was a very old article and it has been out for a very long time). I also have hilariously inappropriate conversations while walking across campus with my bestie/GBF(gay boyfriend). My authentic self demands it and I will no longer suppress her.
I'm really happy about this because I think part of my deal was that I just didn't really feel like my blog was me. It was generally random (totally me), and crafy (also me), but it didn't quite ring true somehow.

I know, you're thinking, "how exactly does the judicious use of expletives make that big of a difference?" 
I does. To me. And that's really all that matters since it's MY blog.

In related news, I found this other article from BUST while searching for a link to the article she sent me. Hint, it's bigger on the inside. That's a Dr. Who reference for those of you who didn't catch it. It was mostly just for you, Babe. 


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