Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Before & Laters

The hubs and I have been living in The Parsonage for almost a year now. We've done some work, but not as much as I expected. A lot of it still looks like someone else could live there. We're on a bit of a mission to change that and we're getting there...slowly, but surely.

In the interest of providing some motivation to work on it and to improve the overall quality of my blog I've decided to begin to document the current state of things in The Parsonage (yes, I absolutely must capitalize both every single time I reference it). Since we don't exactly have "Afters" I've decided to reference them as Before & Laters. In addition to the rooms just not being done I think "After" has a sense of finality to it that I just can't see making sense for us.

These will go on for a while and hopefully become more impressive as we make progress on the house. I figure we should start as the beginning so the first room up is the dining room. We took it on shortly after we bought the house in a mad rampage to get it done before we hosted Thanksgiving. In three weeks it went from this

to this.

Maybe not exactly this. I'm pretty sure we waited to put up the Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving dinner.

At the moment it is mostly serving as a craft/storage table in the center of our house, but I didn't promise Before & Nows. I just said Later and this picture was taken later than the preceding one. Hopefully I'll have an even later Later to add soon with awesome photography and everything.

Next Up: The guest bedroom


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