Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's all in the details (my camera works again!!!)

My computer hasn't been on speaking terms with my camera for a while. It's meant that I can take photos, but you can't see them unless I hold my camera up in front of your face. Not exactly functional if you want to take pictures for your blog so you can show stuff to people you don't see on a daily basis, you know?

When you take them with your phone they just aren't as nice.

Case in point: this lovely little green desk. (She's for sale if you know someone who would like to give her a new home.)

Photos taken with my iPhone

Photos taken with my camera

Neither are amazing, but I think it's clear which are better. 

How did I make it work again? After a bit of research I realized I had somehow changed the communication mode from PTP to Nomal. Once again, normal is bad and makes you less happy. PTP is good and means you can import all the pictures you've taken in months.

I'm very excited about the possibility of taking fabulous photos in the near future.

Also released from camera limbo is a TON of beer porn (i.e. glamor shots my husband takes of beer).

I think it's clear where the real photography talent is in this relationship, but I'm going to take pictures anyway.


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