Saturday, January 28, 2012

Best Day Ever.

I didn't do a single productive thing yesterday. I don't know if you've noticed, but I usually spend the weekend trying to get stuff done so this was a major deal for me.

I made some breakfast, took and shower and went to lunch with my babe and his parents. Then I spent hours shopping in home goods stores and departments wandering somewhat aimlessly while he worked his tail off.

I went on a bit of a pin binge in the process. It was AWESOME.

Check out the floral print on this stemware.

And these seriously adorable napkin rings. I need to come up with some other use for them.

Looky here. Same flowers with a hook on clearance for $5.98.

Seriously thought about it, but didn't buy any. I might regret that later. What exactly do I need to hang on a hook?

And then there were these little guys.

Strawberry paisley elephants. Yes, oh yes. I WANT.

Put a bird on it.

Love! It's so bright and happy.

Someone else left these two hanging out together on top of a rug. It reminds me of me and the hubs. He's all cute and yoda focused and I'm like a little pink owl looking off at some shiny object. I hope they're as happy as we are.

I immediately thought of my niece. She's a little dance star.

And check out these baby shower invites and thank yous.

Is it rude to text a pic of them to your sister as a suggestion for the paper ones?

I did, so lets hope she doesn't think so.

Realization: I have a thing for jungle animals in unrealistic colors (i.e. pink stuffed elephants, green giraffes blankets, pink and yellow giraffe invitations, blue giraffes on the inspiration piece...)

Other realization: Pink, yellow, and green are the main colors for the nursery. You might have noticed that from my To-do List Nursery picture or pin board. I didn't so much until today.

I debated over this afgan for a good fifteen minutes in one of my favorite second hand stores. In the picture it looks stained, but in reality it's pristine and in a room with atrocious lighting.

I didn't buy it. Let's hope I don't regret that next week. I suffer non-buyers remorse which is sometimes worse than buyers remorse. At least you can return things if you keep the tags on them.

I rounded it out with a trip to Hobby Lobby. They have adorable stuffed animals for Easter.

Wouldn't that bunny look cute in one of those stuffed animal sleeping bags?

I finished the whole thing off with some buffalo chicken rolls at Old Chicago. You won't find them on the menu, but if you're lucky someone in the kitchen will remember how to make them.

My day was pretty much glorious.

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