Monday, April 4, 2011

It's not finished...

and I've been holding out on posting about it for weeks.

I've been showing anyone who will stand still long enough for me to crack out my phone the pictures though.

Literally. Anyone.

The woman who owns a flea market I frequent has seen them.

You should feel slighted.

So here goes.

For reference, the kitchen looked like this when we moved in.

It felt dark and dirty, and even though tulips were my absolute favorite flower at one point, I was NOT feeling that wallpaper border. 

I tried to hold out for as long as a could. I knew it was a bit of a project and I'm working on not starting too many of those. 

One day I just could take it anymore and starting prying off the trim and peeling the border down.

I don't think Austin was pleased.

I was. Even with half peeled paper it looked better than before.

In the process I found out why they put up that border in the first place. That wall board stuff with the pattern on it that covers the bottom 8 feet of wall is only 8 feet long. 

We have 9 foot ceilings.

They didn't want a horizontal seam around the top of the room and opted for a layer of plywood finished in wallpaper and a piece of trim over the seam. Not such a bad idea really. 

Unless, of course, you hate that border and the pattern on the wall board and want to tear your eyes out every time you look at it.

Then it's a bit of an issue. 

It means you have to correct the difference between the surface levels of the two spaces and attempt to blend them together in addition to dremeling out the plastic seam cover things and spackling the entire surface of the kitchen to eliminate the wallboard's linen fabric texture. It only took two entire weekends to get it ready to prime and paint. The next week I primed and put a coat of paint over everything, including the cupboards.

Since then I've given the cupboards another coat of paint, gotten new drawer pulls and handles, and spray painted all the hinges with oil rubbed bronze paint to match. I'd take you a picture, but I'd have to wash the dishes from dinner first and the hubs is already in bed. I tend to bang things around and make a lot of noise. It will just have to wait.

You can think of this post as a teaser.


  1. Holy crap, that looks beautiful! Great work, you! I just got a craving for a veggie reuben and imagined you in the kitchen, cooking one. Congrats. You're making it into a beautiful home.

  2. What an incredible difference!

  3. I got here from Ana-White and your kitchen (at least the old one) looks just like mine!!! The cabinets and the floor are identical. I've been wanting to paint them for a while and now I am more inspired too once the weather is nice enough for me too open the windows at the same time!!

    Oh the veggie reuben another commenter mentioned sounds perfect - I actually was telling the cafe lady at work today that I love my reubens with tomato instead of meat!

  4. Do it!!!!! You'll be glad you did every time you walk in.

    Oh, and that vegetarian reuben she wants is this one.

    I'm having one for lunch tomorrow.



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