Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Changing Table Reveal: Hibbs House Project Week 2012

I've been having a little trouble posting a reveal of the changing table my mom created for me the baby. It's been done for almost two weeks (like ever since that Hibbs House Project Week (HHPW) I promised to post about), but it's so fabulous I haven't wanted to post until I could take pictures that would do it justice. I've been busy during times when the light was right and I never quite got around to being ready until it was dark and the lighting was atrocious. As a result, I keep pushing it off.

Until today. I'm posting about this bad boy today if it kills me. I'm writing this post before I even take the pictures so I know I just have to take them and stick them in and it will be done.

It's been a long time so here's a refresher on the whole changing table situation. 

My mom brought this dresser with her when she came for HHPW.

It has all the drawers, but I forgot to take a before shot until after we had already started painting and I wanted the before to be pure before. My dad had already put some serious effort into improving the functionality by making the drawers actually work and slide in and out easily. He's a genius when it comes to stuff like that.

She painted the whole thing out in Old White Anne Sloan Chalk Paint. And I got this crazy hair to paint the inside of the drawers with some hot pink paint I had leftover from the Dream Dollhouse project. 
I think its part of the ongoing battle between my love of pink and my hate of girl's nurseries that are swimming in it. I like pink a lot more than I ever thought I would, but seriously people, your child having two X chromosomes does not necessitate her living in a room that looks like Strawberry Shortcake threw up all over it.

After I got done I was a little concerned that it might be too pink, but since its only the inside of the drawers I figured I could give it a bit and see how I felt about it later.

Once the inside of the drawers had so much attitude it became clear to us both that the outside needed to have a little something more than off white going on. We talked over several ideas and settled on a chevron pattern in Provence. Pink was discussed, but we determined that would be just a little too much.
Could that be the result of Anne Marie's recent (it was recent when we were making this decision) guest post on Perfectly Imperfect? I think yes.

I did a little google image searching of my own and came up with this fab dresser on ampirlot's flickr.


The dresser had the same basic shape and I liked the proportions of the stripes so I used it as a pattern for the chevrons on the changing table. I taped off the stripes and my mom painted them. She was a little concerned about my taping technique at first. Apparently my plan wasn't immediately obvious when she looked at the dresser and she thought I just wasn't super careful in my taping. Once I clarified that the neat lines where around the spots to be painted and the random torn tape ends where in the part that was going to stay white she was on board. I didn't remember to take picture until after she'd gone over the tape edges with a layer of white (which is a great thing to do if you want super sharp tape lines).

It took every bit of self control I had to leave the tape on long enough for her to finish two coats of paint on the stripes. I wanted to see it so bad it literally hurt. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I bit my lip a little.

Isn't it just the cutest little thing you've ever seen? And check out the hot pink inside the drawers.

The next day I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a couple of potential knob options you might remember.

We both thought the polka dot would win out, but when I put them on the whites didn't quite work and the knobs seemed a little small given the scale of the chevrons. We settled on the clear glass ones.

I came up with a great of idea for a couple of the polka dot ones though.

Here's the finished product.


  1. Ahhhhh!!!! Love it!!!!! And the lamp is also adorable!! :)

  2. Just hopped over from Miss Mustard Seed. The chevrons are darling. Love it!

  3. I love your changing table! I'm halfway finished with mine (which is a copycat of yours). I'm also using lots of aqua in my nursery and avoiding pink overload, but I love that the inside of the drawers are pink. Your mom did a great job!

    1. Thanks Melissa. I'm a super huge fan of it. The chevrons were tricky, but totally worth the effort.



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