Thursday, March 1, 2012


Austin and I need nightstands for the master bedroom. We currently have a single nightstand which is on Austin's side since he is in charge of the alarm clock. That means my glasses an anything I read before bed live on the floor next to the bed. It also means that I can't have a lamp on my side. Both are problematic.

I've had this nightstand pinned to my Things I want to Make board for a while.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

It's very similar in shape to our current solo one which I love and have considered replicating to have a matching set. I'm also open to nightstands that don't match as long as they "work."

Yesterday I saw this nightstand Shaunna West pinned and had a flash of inspiration.

I love the color on the before.

I thought that was the answer. Find or make nightstands and paint them awesome distressed green.

Now I'm having some doubts about that.

I'm sure about the shape though. The one we have, the plan I pinned to build, and two others are the same basic structure. 

I would really like to add yellow trim to our sheets to make them more the ones from my Illustrated Discovery Journal.

And I'm thinking I want to make a couple of beer bottle lamps like I have at my Etsy shop, from Life & Limb bottles to solve my lamp issue. I mocked one up so you can get an idea.

And then there is The Bed. Here's a sneak peak at the foot board before my mom added the fancy trim and stained it.

Based on all that I'm thinking maybe green might be too much. What about mustard?

Pretty sure Austin will hate that idea so maybe I just need to make another to match our current one and stick with the distressed black it already is. Hmm.

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