Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nursery Wall Art

We've lived in our house for over and year and it still doesn't look like us. It has all our furniture, but really, anyone could live there. I think that has a lot to do with the bare walls. Seriously, we have like maybe 8 things hanging up in the whole house. The only exception is the collection of framed photos in the stairway.

An inventory of our wall art would go about like this:

Front room without a clearly defined purpose - 1 huge painting of the Plaza San Marco I bought at a junk shop with my mom before I went to grad school
Media room - nothing
Dining room - 5 plates
Kitchen - some stuff on top of the cabinets, put nothing with a clear vision or purpose and nothing on the walls
Master bedroom - blank walls although there is one piece we got for our wedding leaning against the wall
Guest bedroom with the exercise equipment - Sea painting actually hung up and another leaning against the wall
Other guest bedroom/my office/craft room - 6 whole pieces on the wall. I hung them once and I think I meant to post about them. I also have a collection on the floor waiting for me to finish the hutch for the desk so I have a better idea about the overall layout of the wall.

That brings us to the nursery. I haven't shown them to you yet, but Austin encouraged me to sketch up what I was thinking about in there so I could have a better idea of the projects involved. My sketches had no less than 11 pieces of wall art.

Kind of a lot for a woman who hasn't gotten around to making or hanging much in the rest of the house, huh?  Since I'd like to get the nursery finished before she heads off to college I think I'll just try to push through and get it done before she's born. Otherwise I think it may end up languishing with the rest of the unfinished projects in the house.

My Pinterest Nursery Board has several pieces that are also on our registry. Like this one from Wallfry.

I have spots picked out for them just in case someone decides to gift them to us.

This one I got from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy, had matted in fushia, and framed.

It also has a bunch of ideas for pieces I would like to create and hang. I started one last night and was going to post about it tomorrow, but Target's website lied to me and the shadow box frame I need wasn't actually in stock in white. I hate it when that happens. I'll save the details for the post.

I'm going to go ahead and tell you all about the details of another project though. I can't help myself. It draws from three pieces of inspiration.

First, this lovely letter decorated in a Katie Daisy print. I know, you're shocked. 

The full name in landscape idea that was inspired by this image from Chic Channel Inspired Baby Shower from On to Baby

And the bright colors of all these frames from Megan's Home Made Lovely tour inspired me to go with something other than brown or white.

I have the perfect frame just waiting to be filled. I saved it from my mother's dumpster pile one day. It's currently gold, but I think I'll paint it aqua and distress it like this one I found on Etsy (sorry, it's already sold, but Swede13 Inspirations has lots of other lovely items you might want to check out).

There you have it. I'm sure you can envision it perfectly, but I'll go ahead and post once I have it done. Maybe next week. :)

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