Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Authentic Self: She rocks out.

I got the official word on "THE JOB" yesterday.

It was NO.

Shockingly, or not so shockingly (to me and apparently still shocking to everyone else), I wasn't that upset. I'd known for months what the lack of correspondence with the search committee meant and I'd known for even more months than Me (that's my Authentic Self's name) didn't want it. I felt like I should want it and it would make financial sense and mean quite a bit of security on that front, but I didn't Want it.

I still like the idea of doing some teaching, but I really want to focus on teaching about food and where it comes from and how to make it and other awesome traditional skills. And I have this idea about creating a way to access information about secondhand establishments that I think would be amazing if I can figure out how to do it. And I want to work with some of the sustainable agriculture organizations in Kansas...

Basically, I want to do all those things I posted about and more. I feel like I'm free to do anything and everything my little heart desires and I'm about to rock out at all of them with every bit of energy I have.

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