Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My husband may ban me from reading The Lettered Cottage on Tuesday.

Layla and Kevin had this great idea to have a how-to linky party on Tuesday called How To's Day.

The Lettered Cottage

Awesome, right?

Not if you're concerned about the fact that your wife has a bit of an issue with finishing projects, but is super good about starting them.

Guess whose wife just happens to have that issue?

My husband's.

He has every right to recognize this behavioral flaw and request that I finish projects before I move on to new ones so that our house doesn't become a scrap yard of unfulfilled craftiness. I'm pretty sure as soon as he knows about this linky party thing he will recognize what an imminent risk it poses to my project completion stats.

Unfortunately for him, I made some great finds for myself as well as some special friends I just had to forward ideas to. However, I was able to whittle down over 250 how to's to just 3 I actually want to take on as projects.

I think that's pretty impressive.

He might not.

He might also hate them.

Let's hope he doesn't.

First up, remake/do the wreath for the door so we have one, but it's not so girly (like the bad kind of girly, not the powerful awesome kind of girly). I'm thinking something in the range of Layla's spring wreath or Pretty Handy Girl's paper flower spring wreath.

Next, make several of Sweet Little Smoothie's Elegant Hydrangea Eggs. I LOVE them. Somehow I'm thinking my husband may not.

This one requires possession of a hot glue gun so it may not happen for a while, but Easter season is only so long so it may just be a dream.Or maybe I'll buy eggs on clearance after Easter and just not observe the end of the traditional season.

This one is an ongoing search type project. Finding and painting a cloche à la Alexis Brooke Lane. She sells them and other fabulous things on Etsy.

See. That's not so bad. Just three little additional, maybe thinking about doing sometime, might not ever even start projects.


  1. I love the wreath--make one for me too (I will pay you for it!).

  2. I have a feeling you're about to become my number one customer Jamie. :)



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