Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sacred spaces

I'm once again on the simple abundance path (i.e. I read yesterday and today's passage in it and I plan to try to do so regularly for a while). Sarah always seems to know just what I need whenever I read it. Yesterday's was about creating a sacred space.

You must have a room or a certain hour of the day or so where you do not know what was in the morning paper.. a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are, and what you might be.
Who doesn't need that? I pretty much never know what's in the morning paper, but lately I haven't felt I had a place to experience and bring forth what I might be. You're probably thinking to yourself, "doesn't she have a room specifically for this purpose?" Why yes, I do, but unfortunately it can't serve that purpose in its current state.

I need my space to be in order for it to act as my sacred spot. It directly influences my ability to honor my core values like sensory enjoyment and creating. It's important on a spiritual/psychological level much more so than an anal retentive one. Really. I swear. I'm more on the anal expulsive end of the spectrum anyway.

I ask you, does this space appear to be sacred to it's owner?

Me neither. Not functional either. As in if you wanted to work on your blog in a space that didn't make your chest want to implode, it wouldn't work for that.

I worked on it for a couple hours last night and got it to it's current state.

It took longer than you might think because all those papers on the floor are actually important and had to be organized rather than thrown away.

It's not there yet, but I think if I work on it a couple of nights this week I might actually get it to a state that is workable and still be able to use the weekend to finish the kitchen cabinets and maybe, just maybe, make a plan for the backsplash.

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  1. I'm working hard to get my room to be my sacred space. It's tough because right now it's got an enormous crate inhabited by a 60 lb hound dog.

    I realized that if I want to keep it nice, I have to shape my own habits through the setup of the room. Not so much feng shui, but I dunno, feng Jen. I had an awesome set of antique library steps, which looked cool, but the problem was I kept just piling my clothes on them, which was ugly. The solution was to put plants on them. The room has a whole new feel. I cleaned out my closet, and that was great too, and I'm starting to feel real peace and calm develop...



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