Sunday, March 27, 2011

Projects: check. Well, sort of.

I wanted to finish up several projects this weekend. Here's what actually happened.

1. decide I should read Centsational Girl's commentary on blog photography again and actually attempt it when I work on these projects

2. clean house in mad furry after work just in case people came over after we go to the bar

3. hang pictures that have been leaning against the wall since we moved in so we look less like crazy people even though our porch makes that obvious before anyone walks in

4. eat huge order of queso blanco at bar

5. sleep

6. finish the raised beds, but don't take pictures for blog

7. send picture message to parents and life coach - Feel free to note how ludicrous this is to yourself.

8. tidy porch

9. make wreath for front door, debate with myself about whether or not it's too girly. It is.

10. make pizza

11. hang out with my cousin, his lovely wife, and their two adorable children

12. sleep

13. read up on strawberry patches

14. adjust placement of raised beds and level them - still no photos

15. bake spent grain bread

16. laundry

17. switch out flourescent light in the media room for the ceiling fan we took out of the dining room months ago

18. more laundry -A load counts as a project in my book.

19. watch KU game

20. plan training regimine for time remaining before 5k

21. attempt run with dogs, become frustrated with snow and head home

22. hang out with baby MaKenna and family

23. watch multiple episodes of An Idiot Abroad - Watch it. It's funny.

24. unload the dishwasher

25. even more laundry

26. blog about weekend achievements

Projects completed: 26. Tasks on original list completed: 3 out of 4.

I think that's pretty good.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent hit rate Amber! I was only 6 of 15 for the weekend! :) I'm glad you got to have some fun time in there, too.



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