Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm starting to think that between craigslist and I can have everything I've ever wanted.

Or at least all the really cool and useful stuff.

I've been wanting to put in raised beds in the backyard for my vegetable garden this summer. I have big plans for the long run thanks to The Backyard Homestead. I'm also realistic about my tendency to overestimate my energy. It's hard to think it's too much when it sounds like so much fun, but easy to when you're exhausted and over worked. As a result, I planned on making and planting four of the 12 raised beds I eventually want in the yard.

I remembered Ana White having a post about raised beds on the cheap. She built them out of cedar pickets that were on sale at just 10 bucks a 72"x18" bed. Not shabby.Of course, one had to be able to find 1"x6"x6' cedar pickets for $1.59 to make that happen.

When I checked the price they were $2.59 at Home Depot. A bit more, but still significantly cheaper per foot than the almost 13 dollars it would cost for a single eight foot 1"x6".

Then the universe smiled down upon me and delivered a craigslist posting for 44 five foot cedar pickets for just 30 bucks. That's enough to build 3 4'x8' beds. I borrowed my uncle's truck and picked them up yesterday along with 175 four foot pickets. I'm debating between making more beds out of them or actually using them to build the fence we also need.

I'm leaning towards fence.

Now all I need is a table saw I can borrow to rip some of the boards.

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