Friday, January 4, 2013

I Can Handle SO Much Awesome.

I had this little epiphany today.

Right before lunch I was thinking, "If God (or insert your preferred form of higher power here) will only give you as much as you can handle and my life seems super easy and enjoyable does that just mean said higher power doesn't think I can handle much?"

I felt a little bad about it. I even mentioned it to my office mate, Steve.

He said he's not super religious so he wasn't too concerned.

Then, I had the epiphany. Only as much as you can handle can apply to awesome stuff too. Maybe, I'm not a person who can't handle much tough stuff. Maybe I'm just a person who can handle more awesome than most people and I have been chosen to take one (or several) bouts of awesome for the team.

Mind. Blown.

I even called my sister. She tells me this is like a thing that other people have thought of. Life coach type people I bet. They're always ahead of me in the mindset epiphany department.

And speaking of awesome in the world, two wonderful things have happened recently that I bet you didn't know about.

First, my unidirectional blog friend (i.e. I read her blog every day and think of us as friends, but she has absolutely no idea who I am), Ashley's daughter had her cleft repair surgery this morning and it went very well. I can't wait to see her back at her usual antics and get used to her new grin.

Also, Hannah Hart, another unidirectional blog friend (or vlog friend I guess since she has a vlog) made her Hello, Harto! Tour fundraising goal in record time (like $50,000 in six hours record time). She posted this video in response.

That is how I feel about life. It is so amazing and wonderful and awesome I get all choked up thinking about it.

And yeah, I get all choked up about a girl achieving her dream of getting drunk in kitchens all across America in the same way I do about a child I've never met, but adore all the same doing well after surgery. You have to recognize the awesome in everything, not just the stuff you're supposed to think it awesome. It's all over the place.

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