Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm not counting my chickens yet, but....

Norie only woke up once last night.

That's the second night in a row.

I'm not fooling myself that this will become the new standard (it's happened before). She might wake up two or three or seven times tonight, but I do feel REALLY good this morning.

The unfortunate consequence is that she was ravenous and ate a little more than her stomach could handle this morning and we both ended up with a fair amount of freshly expressed and regurgitated milk on us. Still, six hours of continuous sleep is an amazing thing.

It clearly wasn't enough to compensate for the last couple of months though.

There is nothing like feeling better than you have in 12 weeks and having people ask if you're feeling okay because you got puked on and chose clean clothes and coffee over makeup. You would be amazed what can be accomplished with the right concealer and some white eyeshadow.

And now for some gratuitous cuteness:

Norie during "nap time" over at my friend Lindsey's

Shots of her watching Stan Lee and looking at herself on my husband's phone.

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