Friday, August 17, 2012

Itch to Build Something

I've got one.

A strong one.

Like an "it's a really good thing I don't have a vehicle because I might be tempted to hit the lumber store over lunch" one and it's all Ana White's fault. Not that i mind. I love creative motivation. It's just hard when I have a job I need to stay at for the next four hours.

Wednesday she posted the plans for this awesome end table made by Hilary of The Friendly Home

Source: The Friendly Home,

I didn't see them until today because I was at a meeting and not keeping up with my Google Reader feeds. They''re fabulous. I'm making them and the coffee table,

Source: The Friendly Home,

but leaving out the bottom shelf so that I can have rolling storage like the "tidy-up" coffee table.

Source: Ana White,

I'm thinking about doing that with the end tables too (we could hide the dog toys in there...or maybe just store our little boxy ottomans under them when they aren't in use...) Ooooh...(and I just had this idea so it might not really pan out once I attempt to plan it) maybe I'll build two and have the second one be a little smaller so it fits inside the bigger one. Like those little stacking dolls. Is that totally crazy? I think not.

I'll have to figure this all out before I go visit my mom and take pictures of her fabulous creations this weekend because my dad says he's got some reclaimed lumber I can use. I'm very excited.

Can you tell?

I've been thinking about making new furniture for that room ever since Austin and I decided we need to switch out the current, ginormous coffee and end tables (along with a whole pile of other updates we want to make in there). I don't think I've ever posted about them. I should get on that, but I don't think I'll be able to focus on anything else until I've built these guys.

Now the only question is, can I pull off the oxidized finish in a house full of red oak? Hmmmm. I'll have to ponder that one.

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