Friday, April 5, 2013

In Spring: Wall Art from Stickers and Thrift Store Art

A while back I was about ready to lose it if I didn't get to do just a little something creative so I took on a tiny project with a piece of thrift store art I bought a couple of years ago. Like thrift store art plus stickers tiny.

I had some sparkly pink stickers that came with one of the page kits I bought for my pregnancy scrap book, but hadn't used yet. The only problem was I had to decide what to write. Indecision kicked in and it took me a whole day to pick something.

Once I knew what I was writing I was feeling impatient and couldn't be bothered to take multiple shots or stand still long enough for a clear shot. Quick little projects like this get me way too excited. I didn't take any mid project either. Bad blogger. But seriously, do you really need pictures of how to peel off stickers and stick them on something?


  1. You are so smart! How did you come up with this? Although I don't know if I'm brave/cool enough to do it.

    1. I've been seeing a lot of writing on thirft store art. Like the painted over ones lately, but I actually really liked the picture on this one so I wanted to keep it. I kinda figured it out while we were making the others are I was looking at them with the letters on before we painted over the whole thing. You are totally cool enough to do it. In fact, I'm making it an assignment. I want to see it pronto.



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