Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Should be Procraftinating

I got this crazy idea last week that I just needed to cut some things out of my life and focus on one or two main priorities so I could get them done. All kinds of things got dropped in favor of focusing all my energy on THE PROJECT (i.e. that BIG AWESOME thing I would tell you about but I can't on my blog. If you know me in person you already know about it. I'm just not ready to talk about it on the internet yet) and cleaning. Even my BLOG (gasp!). I allowed myself to work on my pregnancy/baby scrapbook, but only because I want to be able to have it out for Norie's party and I'm almost a year behind. All other creative endeavors were cut from the calendar.

You know what?

It was awful. The whole week I couldn't focus and I'd forget stuff I really need, like parts of my breast pump at home (I had to buy  new ones) or lock my keys in the car and have to ask a friend to bring me my husband's keys (Thanks Justin), or some other not super horrible, but random and frustrating thing that doesn't usually happen to me.

Then this morning I was talking to my mom and I said something about how when everything just seems to fall into place it's because you're in the flow of The Universe. When you're not it's like you're continually going upstream and nothing seems to work and everything feels like too much effort.

Conclusion: The Universe wants me to be creative.

Even though my projects frequently annoy the crap out of my husband I think he knows it too because this morning he sent me a link to 23 Quotes That are Totally Craftastic. One from CraftSnark really got to me.

Via CraftSnark, http://www.craftsnark.com/2013/01/craft-definition-procraftinating.html

I clicked the link and do you know what she said?
There will always be laundry that needs to be washed. or folded. or put away. There is a constant stream of dirty dishes making its way towards the sink. Dinnertime arrives every 24 hours. But inspiration is not constant. We must create while we are inspired to do so. Because housework can wait... some more.
I will probably never finish absolutely all the things I want to get done and cutting all the fun creative stuff out doesn't make it any better. It just makes me frustrated and cranky about doing the functional life things I need to do. Hopefully I'll find that balance.

Until then I'll indulge in just a little procraftination.

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