Thursday, December 29, 2011


I just had my first major pregnancy induced emotional breakdown.

A major, body shaking, tears streaming, weeping in a way that puts Kim Jong-Il's mourners to shame in the parking lot of my local recycling center kind of breakdown.

They were closed.

I got there at 9:24am. They are open until 9:30 on Wednesday, but not on Thursday. On Thursday they open at 7:30am and close at 9. I really wish I had known that at 9:07 when I got back to my house and before I busted my ass to get the enormous pile of recyclables that has been taking over our laundry/mudroom/hallway to the only main floor bathroom for the last month into our little SUV.

Sidenote: yes, I do need to post about that. It's the most embarrassing part of our house and if you have to use the facilities while you're here you'll see it.

Back to that breakdown. So they're closed and the recyclables are already in the car. Not such a big deal, right? I can just bring them tomorrow instead when Austin will be off work and around to help me with them.


They also aren't open Friday morning, but they were open Wednesday from 5-7pm. Isn't that convenient? Who would have thought you might want to have a time that is actually after people who have jobs get home from work? Too bad it doesn't say that on the website.  I would have brought them last night instead of taking a shower. That would have been a really handy bit of information to have, especially now that my car is full of recyclables that I can't get rid of until Saturday morning.

Because,, you know, I don't want to drive anywhere else between now and then and I don't mind carrying them back and forth to the house over and over. It's not like I have to hold them awkwardly to avoid putting pressure on my abdomen (which is much more uncomfortable than you might guess if you've never been pregnant).

I've been trying to get rid of them all week, but every day there is something I need to do which I can't get done until some store opens (God forbid they open at 8:00am) and that means I don't get back to my house in time to load them up before the recycling trailer closes.

Why don't I just wait and do the errands after?

Because I need to do them 10 miles away from my house and I'm already there to drop off my husband for work. At least if I want to have a vehicle that moves to carry the recyclables. The battery in my car is dead and it's a heap anyway so we haven't replaced it.

So there I was, an emotional wreck with an Escape full of recyclables crying on the side of the road in front of the recycling trailer. I'm not sure which was worse, my level of frustration at the situation or at the fact that I couldn't keep myself from throwing a total tantrum right there even though what is left of the rational part of my brain didn't think it was that big of a deal.

And yesterday's project?

Totally not done. I worked for hours and I know I did a lot, but you really can't tell when you look at the room.

Today's project: Walk the dogs and try to regain some sort of emotional stability. Hopefully I can actually finish this one.

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  1. I love you anyway.... And I've had plenty pregnancy-induced emotional breakdowns! Lol love your blog and can't wait til we get to get together and build stuff!!!! - Lindsey P



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