Friday, April 12, 2013

Strawberry Gardens and a GIveaway You Should Know About

Okay, so now that the excitement of Norie's first steps has been documented we're back to that post I mentioned Tuesday and meant to post yesterday.

Every fiber of my being wishes I had done something really impressive in the garden last weekend. Okay, not quite every one. A ton of them are huge fans of the fun things I did instead of gardening like going to see a live production of The Sound of Music at the Columbian Theatre and working on a little building project at my parents. The gardening fibers, however, are seriously disappointed. To help quell them I thought I should at the very least post something about gardening and share a super sweet deal with you. That's a fair trade-off, right?

I REALLY, REALLY want to plant some strawberries. Only problem: strawberries are perennial. That's great except perennials imply commitment and you know how I feel about commitment. The only thing I can commit to is my Babe. It's his birthday today. Yep, I sure did sneak that right in my post. :) Anyway, then I saw this on Pinterest.

Strawberries planted in gutters hanging from above and a light bulb clicked on in my little head. Well, actually a whole process of attempting to find the original source of the image that followed the exact path Cathryn Wellner details in this post occurred, but in that process the light came on.

I want to build a pergola, but instead of having slats I want to use gutters (or maybe build cedar wood boxes) and plant strawberries in them. It would be the most amazingly yummy pergola ever. Obviously pergola construction is a whole lot of additional commitment so instead I'll be planting strawberries in some empty planters I have laying around instead.

Now for the super sweet deal.

Right now Storey Publishing is having the Great Garden Giveaway. It has gardening tools, a ton of books (including some of my favorites), and even an app. I know because I've been spending a little too much time on their website recently.

Look at all that stuff. And even better, you get a free Grow Super Salad Greens ebook just for entering. Go sign up right now. Just promise that if you win you'll let me borrow some of your awesome books.

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