Thursday, December 29, 2011

The nursery

Yep. I said nursery. It's official (and public). I'm pregnant!!!

If the three exclamation points weren't clear, I'm a little excited.

I think Austin is too. He's definitely really excited about the Baby Registry. If he has any say in it this kid is going to be AWESOME.

Now you know why we needed to do some shifting of the office spaces and why I was a little less than forthcoming about the reason. We figured we might have more frequent house guests if there was a baby to visit in the house so turning the guest bedroom into a nursery didn't seem like the best idea. At the same time, we both still need office space more often than we need a spare bed so we compromised on moving a bed into Austin's office and my office into the guest bedroom. Now we have two office/guest bedrooms and a room leftover for a nursery. Score.

The room has shown up on the blog frequently, but never in a complete and decorated state. Even a year after we moved in my office wasn't done. I'm hoping I have more success getting it done now that it's also a guest room. We'll see.

When it was my office it looked about like this. Well, at least it did when it was clean.

Clean is relative, okay? Right now it looks like this.

So I have this little green room that is going to become the nursery. We're sticking with our second-hand, reclaimed, and/or free roots so lots of the furnishings have been determined based on the generosity of others. I really like flea market styling and freegan decorating so I'm pumped about that.

We're getting a crib from a friend that I think is white, but I haven't seen it yet and my mom is giving me a dresser she's refurbishing as a changing table. We got this gorgeous chair from Austin's grandmother. It's been in the family forever and has a lot of sentimental value for him.

She also gave us this baby blanket her mother crocheted.

 They are both amazing, but I'll be honest, my initial reaction was "how am I going to make these things work together in the same room?" The styling is completely different and the greens don't exactly "work" together in an obvious way nor do they work with the current paint color. I stressed and may have acted like a bit of a sociopath for a day or two while I tried to figure out how I was going to use them both. And make everything else we are given make sense too. 

I've been in love with Firecracker's nursery from Under the Sycamore for a while. I love how everything in it has meaning. There are pictures of her grandparents, a quilt made by her aunt, and the sock monkey she had as a child. Remind you of a certain two items I was stressing over? The nursery is completely eclectic so I'm not sure why I had such a hard time figuring out how to make ours work. I still haven't totally figured it out, but I did get a piece the brings the colors from the other two together.

This is all quite interesting and informative, but I bet you're thinking, "what exactly is today's project? And did you get yesterday's done?" Excellent questions.

Today's project: go through the massive piles of paper, craft supplies, and junk in the future nursery and recycle or store away in a reasonable place everything that doesn't have a reason to be in there. Not exactly fun, but totally necessary.

As for yesterday's project, I painted until I just couldn't paint anymore. Thankfully that was the point at which I had put two coats on every surface and it was too dark ans shadowy to do a decent job of touching up.It's a major improvement though. Just a couple of spots to tackle and the paint job will officially become an After.

Note: I made the bed and then a certain puppy who may or may not appear in the lower right decided I had made that spot especially for her.

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  1. Congratulatiions! It truly is a magical time. All the nesting and planning, wondering who your baby will be.
    I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with my son. My husband was due to leave on a business trip the next day. He called me twice a day for the entire week he was gone, and when he came home, he had purchased all kinds of baby stuff in the airport.



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