Monday, September 20, 2010

Ana White Rocks My Face Off.

UPDATE: Ana wrote a book, The Handbuilt Home. If by some miracle you found my blog without linking from her site you should know that it exists.

I've been obsessing about this woman's blog for a while, If we're tight you might have even gotten an email linking to her blog. I found it when I was searching for plans for the Farmhouse Salvaged Wood Rectangular Extension Dining Table I love from Restoration Hardware.

Source: Restoration Hardware
I know. It's gorgeous, but no freaking way am I ever going to spend almost three grand on a table.

Not happening.

So I searched for plans (I mean it does look like something someone could reasonably build) and I found this post. Go ahead. Click it. I won't even be offended if you get totally distracted by her blog and don't come back for a while. God knows I did.

Right, so I have at least five or six projects I fully intend to build just as soon as we have a house and I won't be creating more stuff I have to move. It does seem a little silly to build furniture when the vast majority of everything you own is in storage.

I've been planning on posting about her blog when I built my first project, but today, she busted out plans for the Markham Console Bar by Pottery Barn that I actually cut out for my Illustrated Discovery Journal.

Source: Pottery Barn

(Side note - If you don't have an illustrated discovery journal you NEED one. It's a book full of things that make your heart smile. I have a real physical book with pictures cut and pasted in AND a digital one that I collect images in on my computer. I think sharing it might be a bit of a copyright issue though so you'll have to be content with a smaller intro to my authentic self).

You might have noticed that the workbench bar isn't in any of the images in the Picasa album. That's because I haven't glued it in yet. It's still in the pile of cut images awaiting placement.

The point being that this woman knows my soul and her blog is amazing. Did I mention she posted plans, real actual plans, ones could use to build the workbench bar? Like so that I could make one myself instead of buying one? If you don't get how amazing that is you clearly don't love furniture the way I do. If you do, go ahead and subscribe to her blog so she can rock your face off too.

I'll let you know just as soon as I build something. Until then, know that I am planning amazingness.

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