Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't Drink and Jog.

My hungover ass ran 3.5 almost continuous miles this morning. Yep. It was about as pleasurable as you imagine.

I know what you're thinking.  Hungover?  On a Thursday?  You must be in college or an alcoholic.  Well technically, my grad student status means I'm still in college.  As for alcoholism, I had a sum total of 2 entire beers. Make whatever conclusion from that you want.

There are three people to blame for this whole incident. 

Myself - Obviously I made the decisions that led to this. I could have chosen not to drink.  I could have chosen not to jog. I did both.

My husband - He's the one who made me like beer in the first place and went with me to the Oktoberfest kick-off party at which I consumed those two entire beers. I would never have gone by myself so it's partially his fault.

My mother - she jogged 4 miles on Tuesday. I only jogged 3.5.  Clearly, I cannot allow her to workout more than I do.  So I think I'll go ahead and hold her just a little bit responsible as well.

The message here: don't drink too much and jog the next day. You'll wish you hadn't.

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