Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What to do...

I don't know if you've noticed, but I use this blog as a place to sort out my thinking about as much as I use it to tell you about cool stuff or post tutorials. That's just how it is. At the moment there is one big thing I need to sort out, that I haven't really thought out. That's not good since that One Big Thing happens in six days.

We're hosting Christmas and to be honest I haven't thought it out the way I should have. I asked my sister, the planner, if she could share any helpful spreadsheets from when she hosted and to my dismay she claims they don't exist. I'm pretty sure that's not the case or is only the case because she lost the files somewhere, but she did share a helpful nugget of wisdom: Planning Christmas can pretty much be broken down into Food, Gifts, and Decorations. I think I need to add Experiences (like finding a church with carol/hymn heavy  service to attend on Christmas Eve - if you know of a good one in Wamego, KS let me know. Otherwise we might head to Manhattan to the closest ELCA church).

So, Food, Gifts, and Decorations....

Food - I have this under control I think. Thanks entirely to being forced to sort it out at Thanksgiving.

Gifts - Yeah, not so much, but since the people I'm buying them for read this blog I shouldn't really get into them.

Decorating - This is where Steve, my ever rational office mate laughed and said, "You can't do it in the last six days." He's right. I can't do everything I ever hoped to get done in the last six days especially since I really need to clean the house. Or at least the guestroom/office/craft room. My siblings-in-law and their kids are staying with us and right now that room is well, terrifying.

I guess that's my answer: Clean.


  1. I love Steve and his infinite wisdom.



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