Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I did it! And other interesting yet somewhat random facts of yesterday

I jogged/walk 2.5 whole miles yesterday. I figured I could, but I wasn't really sure about just how difficult it would be. I stayed pretty active during my pregnancy, but I certainly didn't run or jog or even think about it beyond staring wistfully at joggers as I waddled about campus. Yes, I'm a little sore.  Luckily, I just need to put in 30 minutes on the elliptical today which should be a lot easier.

Yesterday was Norie's first day of working on furniture with me and Grandma. 

She mostly just supervised. I was impressed with her dedication to the cause. She didn't even get very upset when I used the power sander. Apparently all the time I spent using power tools while I was pregnant paid off.

And perhaps the most exciting news of the day - Kleio seems to be warming up to Norie. That's really good since I'm pretty sure she spent the first couple of weeks hoping one of the people who came by to visit would take Norie home with them. She even joined Norie for some tummy time. 

I also attempted to actually take those photos with my real camera yesterday. That didn't quite happen, but maybe today. Not sure though. I have big plans to finish the Thank Yous from the baby shower AND construct an awesome medal display for the tasting room.

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