Saturday, January 14, 2012

To-do List

I think I've posted to-do lists before, but I think I need another one now. Bump's impending arrival has made it clear that I need to get my act in order and finish up some projects before May. I still feel awesome, but I'm getting bigger and I'm sure at some point the squishing of my lungs will start to reduce my productivity. The list is HUGE so I'll just go room by room and keep it to the stuff I would really like to get done in the next four months. There are tons of other things I want to get done, but I'm trying to move closer to realism here.


It will be getting tons of posts in the near future so let's just say everything in this room. I've been pinning quite a bit and I'm sure my nursery board will get the most action in the near future. Check it out.


I started this last fall and got part way there. I've put hardware on and I'm pretty sure they've gotten another coat of paint since this picture, but it still needs some work.

  • Take down the microwave and cabinet over the stove
  • Put up my pot rack
  • Add molding to the tops of the cabinets
  • 1 or 2 more coats of paint for the outside of the cabinets
  • Paint the inside of the cabinets - I thought I could just do the outside, but it will make me insane.
  • Finish painting the walls and doing something about the back splash

Dining Room

I worked on several projects in here when we first moved in, but since then it hasn't gotten much attention. It looks pretty much like that except the Christmas tree is down for the year and the table is bare.

  • Paint the walls - I am totally sick of that color. It's everywhere.
  • Move the curtain rods
  • Put up actual curtains
  • Make the pallet in the basement into a pallet shelf and hang it on the wall.
  • Change the hardware on those cabinets and maybe put up some bead board wallpaper in the back of them painted a fun color 
  • Hang a shelf over the cabinet on the East wall (you've never seen it).

Media Room

You haven't seen this one on the blog since we first moved in. There's a reason for that.It needs help. We have big plans, but I'm not going to make myself insane trying to accomplish that before May so the list for this one is short. I'd show you a picture, but my camera and my computer are in a bit of a fight I can't seem to sort out at the moment.

  • Fill gap in the corner
  • Paint that forth wall I haven't quite gotten to yet

Master Bedroom

It's gotten a lot closer lately, but I really, REALLY want to get it done before the baby is born. (I'd love to have at least one room in the house look like we live in it).

  • Fill in little cracks and gaps with shrink resistant/crack resistant, paintable caulk
  • Touch up paint as needed and get that tiara molding (crown is just no appropriate for something less than 2 inches wide)
  • Clean up the floor a bit
  • Get bedside tables/night stands
  • Get lamps
  • Make and hang some wall art that reflects us

Guest Bedroom

I made some progress on this one. I even meant to post a Before & Later for it. I have all my stuff moved in there, but it could really use some time spent organizing.

  • Get a headboard and bed frame
  • Hang curtains
  • Get nice pillows and a duvet
  • Finish my desk (this one might just be a dream, but I'll keep it for now)

I think that's it. It might not be quite everything, but if those things got done I would feel a LOT better about the whole house. Yes Mom, you're free to volunteer to assist with any of them. :)

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