Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Half Done

As of today, I am exactly 20 weeks pregnant. I say exactly since the day I'm pretty sure I ovulated is the day before they estimated from conception based on my first sonogram. Allowing some time for egg migration that's close enough to exact for me. That means Bump is half done with gestation. That means he or she is at least twice as done as it was 10 weeks ago when his/her first picture was taken.

Adorable, huh? Bump clearly takes after Austin.
Fun quotes I found while looking for the sonogram picture I texted to my sister:
 "I estimate I'm two burritos a day pregnant. Not sure the conversion to weeks."
"It's a really good thing they dangle a baby in front of you. Otherwise no one would put up with being tired and nauseous and having itchy boobs and mouth that tastes like metal for months."
You've probably noticed I call him or her Bump. I really dislike referring to my child as "it" and the English language just doesn't have a suitable neuter pronoun for use with people. I used to call Bump "Little One" which is the pet name my dad uses for me, but Bump is very impressed with his/her (see the difficulty involved in talking about someone whose gender you do not know?) growth and wasn't too keen on it. Apparently Bump is better since it doesn't imply any limit on the growth that can be achieved. Bump has big plans.

And yes, I also claim to have knowledge of the emotional response of my unborn child. Why is it that people think its completely normal for people to be able to sense the emotions of other people they don't even know in the same room and somehow totally weird that I can feel them when they come from a person who lives inside my body? Seriously. It doesn't make sense to me. Of course Bump has emotions and of course I notice them. Bump also likes it when Austin is close to me and gets a little cranky if you wake him/her up from a nap.

But I digress (as usual). Unlike most of my projects which achieve half done status I bet I actually finish on time (or close to) with this one. Next week we'll get visual confirmation that all is progressing on schedule and find out the appropriate gendered pronoun. I instinctively started using "he" a month or so ago without any easily identifiable reason. Bump just seems male to me. I don't really care either way and we very well may find out that Bump is a girl next week, but if we do and Bump tells me at 7 or 8 years old that she's actually a boy I won't be surprised. Only time will tell I suppose.

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