Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reader Poll - No, really, I want some comments about this.

I'm going to the Whimmydiddle Arts & Crafts Fair in Scott City KS this weekend to help out my mom with her booth. I got this wild hair today to bring along a couple items of my own to sell. I'm torn about what to do with one. That's where you come in.

 I had this little piggy bank. He was hot pink and argyle, two things I love.

Austin said it was a girl, but obviously he's not. Look how masculine his face is.

Please don't hate my Sallie, but I just had this hankering to coat him with chalkboard paint and draw a butcher diagram on him and see what that would be worth to someone.

Isnt's he cute?

Poorly lit, but adorable, right?

And yes, that's a copy of the Joy of Cooking in the background. It has butcher diagrams at the beginning of each meat section.

Austin thinks it's a little morbid, but I disagree. My little pig is quite happy with his new look. I think he likes the idea of becoming bacon. Delicious, transcendent, bacon.

Anyway, I'm planning to display this little guy in my mom's booth and I have to decide if I want to label him as a literal diagram (i.e. loin, belly, ham, shoulder, etc), or with a collection of things one could save for (i.e. retirement, vacation, emergency, shoes, etc.).

You know... because piggy banks are for saving money...get it?

Or maybe something else. I'm open to ideas here.

I made the lines permanent, but the writing in chalk won't be (unless they want it to be. I'm planning to bring along clear matte paint in case someone wants it to be permanent). I figure if someone were to buy this little guy they could write whatever they want. The question is more about display value. So what do you think? All reasonable and some ridiculous comments will be read and considered.


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  1. I like the savings categories, and I think they should all be "fun" things - vacation, coffee, date night, etc.



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