Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speed & Light

Warning: I'm about to geek out hardcore so if you're not into the academic part this will be of no interest to you whatsoever.

Two pretty cool things happened yesterday.

First, It was the fall equinox,which if you've never thought about it comes from Latin for equal night since there are about exactly 12 hours of each everywhere on the globe. It happens because the tilt of the earth's axis is perpendicular to the direction of the light coming from the sun.

You might need a diagram.

You can thank NOAA for this one. See how the tilt isn't toward or away from the sun, but perpendicular to the direction of the rays? Cool, huh? But I digress.

I cheated. Instead of 12 hours of day I got like 12:20. How you ask? I woke up in my home in Wamego, KS and by sunset I was in Scott City where the sun goes down about 20 minutes later. I think that's cool.

Odds are you don't. This is why I had the warning.

AND the people at CERN think they found a beam of muon-neutrinos speed of light by 60 nanoseconds. I'm sure you heard about this yesterday unless you spent it under a rock, but I still wanted to comment on the cool factor. Anything traveling faster than the speed of light is super cool by any kind of scientific standard, at least if other people can replicate it.

Good day.


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