Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Can you say that in Deutsch?

I've been trying to come up with a name for my business. I want to make attractive home interior objects, but I want to make ones that are fun and playful and maybe even a little absurd. Ones that I love and think are funny. Ones that make your friends ask about them and then make you seem smart when you explain them.

Think butcher diagram piggy banks.

Okay, maybe that one doesn't make you seem smart. But it does make you think of bacon. 

I'll be posting all kinds of fun stuff on here as I get them created, but I need to officially name this little venture. I've been thinking on this for a while and I've gotten some options, but I'm just not sure about any of them. I'm sure about a couple of things. I want it to be German or play on a German word or phrase, I want it to reflect my playful, silly, nonsensical, witty nature, and I want it to be a pretty sounding word or words if at all possible.

So far the top suggestions, in no particular order (or maybe reverse alphabetical now that I've finished the list), have been:

Papperlapapp: which according to my friend Casey is a slang term and is a "synonym for Quatsch, or like what you'd say to someone as like 'whatever', 'nonsense' or 'pish-posh'." I trust her because she speaks German fluently and online dictionaries agree. I wasn't sure of the pronunciation until she told be she went to a bar called Papperlapub.

L├Ącherlich: Which is more like ridiculous or cockamamie. I really like the way it sounds, but I don't think most people wouldn't have a clue how to say it.

Ausgelassen: this one has tons of definitions including "frisky," "larksome" and "rambunctious." All of which fit what I think I'm doing.

Thoughts? If you have any great ideas I'd love to hear them, especially words or phrases that play on German ones. It doesn't have to make literal sense, it just needs to invoke the sort of mental and emotional response I'm going for. I want to get this decision made by the end of the week so speak now people. As an incentive, whoever comes up with or inspires the name I choose gets a special custom object I create for them. Trust me. You want it to be you.


Oh, and I'm planning some more Before & Laters over the weekend. Big things are about to happen at the Parsonage and I'm planning to document the process.

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