Sunday, November 14, 2010

First up, the dining room.

Austin and I are hosting Thanksgiving. A little crazy for people who closed on our first home on November 5th you say? Yep. Pretty much. But that's what I love. Making things mine rapid fire. The dining room is the number one priority since it's the site for the big event.

In case you don't remember, this is the dining room.

Or at least that's what it looked like when the previous owners lived here. A little boring. Maybe they took decluttering and depersonalizing a little too far. Or maybe they just didn't really have much interest in the dining room. I'm not sure, but I am sure that table looked little and sad. It really didn't fill out the room.

Then we moved in.

Still boring and sterile and our little table didn't really work either.

Good thing I have a plan. I've been thinking about this house and what I want to do to it for months so it's not like I haven't had the time to plan. Including drawings. By Thanksgiving it will look like this.

Well, sort of like this. Hopefully without the enormous cup and saucer floating overhead. And the table going the opposite direction. I clearly didn't quite remember the dimensions of the room at the time.

First project, get a table that both fills out the 12'x17' room and seats enough people that we can all sit together at Thanksgiving.


No seriously. I got a little help from Ana White. I built this table over the weekend. Well, not quite this table. It's a little closer to the original, complete with extensions and 43 1/2" wide. It still needs to be sanded and stained so I won't unveil it just yet, but soon. I promise.

I should probably also get on that finding chairs to sit in project, but they aren't in the drawing so I guess technically they aren't required.

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  1. Love your plans for this part of the house. I recently re-decorated with new dining room furniture and I can't wait to share an amazing Thanksgiving dinner with my family next week. Kudos on the table and hope you find the perfect bargain chairs!



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