Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Greatest Moments of My Career as a Bioarchaeologist.

It's January 19th. I haven't heard from the search committee for "the job" since December 1. In my experience that means you didn't make the short list.

They almost never say no until they've actually hired for the position just in case things don't work out with their first, and second, and third or whatever choice.

I get it. I would hate to tell someone they were out of the running and then have to ask if they were still interested later because none of the candidates I wanted ended up actually wanting the job.

And that's okay.

Last week, I was writing in my coaching notebook about the whole situation and guess what came out.

Just because you have a Ph.D. in something doesn't mean you have to do it. You can do so much more.

Hell yes I can.

I was thinking about that career and how it had contributed to my life while walking the dogs last night. Funny thing was finishing my dissertation, publications, and getting a Ph.D. weren't the parts that I consider to be the crowning achievements.

There are two and I would love to think that the first is actually more meaningful, but being a bad ass is pretty damn important to me so I can't honestly say that.

1. Being able to explain to the lovely extended family of a young boy in surgery for his broken arms (yes, that is supposed to be plural) what the x-rays they were given meant. In case you're curious, I met them in the surgery waiting room at Wesley Medical while waiting for my dad. The grandfather stopped me in the hall a couple hours into our sitting next to each other and asked if Crystal and I were twins.

2. Setting my own broken finger. Austin thought I was hardcore for like three days. Then he realized that I'm a total whiner about little stuff. It's only excruciating pain that I deal with well.  I set it within minutes of the break and I'm happy to report that you can't even tell from looking at the outside that it was ever broken. It bends just like it should and everything. Good thing too because it gets a lot of attention with my sweet ass wedding ring on it.

And now I need to make an appointment to meet the Kansas Small Business Development Center so I can get on that so much more.


  1. Amber,

    I am so proud of you. As I know you know, who you are is always much more important than what you do.

    I love you!

    Your Twin ;)


  2. I am doing what my PhD said I do... Result? I live in the tundra and my world is full of biomass and creepy old men.

    Call the search committee chair just to remind him you exist and then do something else, something you want to do...

    Ask yourself - Will you really miss dealing with a room full of 19 year olds who would rather be sleeping/drinking than listening to you talk about corn and parasites? Probably not.

    Keep being your badass self... and I have an MRI of my shoulder to send you :)

    I should be home in March. Miss you much! Tell your man and your puppies HI from Idaho. Diana.



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