Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby Swim Lessons and the Perfect Swimming Suit

Ever since Norie was born I have been pumped about swimming lessons. They were the BEST when I was a kid and so far she seems like she'll be a super water baby too. Last summer she was too young to go to the city pool (there are cooties in there you know), but she did get some kiddie pool action in at day care. From all accounts she LOVED it. She also loves bath time. Like a lot. Once she was squeaking and splashing so excitedly Austin came upstairs to make sure I hadn't smuggled a dolphin into the house. Okay, maybe he just wanted in on the fun times he could hear, but he claimed dolphin patrol.

So anyway, I hear parent led swim lessons (because that's what you do with super tiny babies like mine) are quick to fill up in my small town and I've marked the day sign up begins on my calendar so I can make sure Norie gets a spot.

I'm pretty excited. Almost as excited as she would be if she had any concept of what swimming lessons are.

Then today I was in Target shopping for coffee filters and teething tabs and I happened to walk past this.


It is just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long while. Well besides Norie. She's pretty cute. And her cousins are pretty freaking cute too. But in terms of swimming suits this is super duper cute.

Unfortunately it doesn't come in my size. Damn.


  1. That swimsuit (and Norie) are definitely pretty cute! I picked up a swimsuit for Ruby there recently...can't remember what it looks like though since we haven't used it yet! LOL

  2. My daughters want to take swimming lessons next summer, and I'm hoping that they go as well for us as they did for you and Norie. My girls have also loved bath time, but I'm nervous that they're going to get nervous and freaked out when they start swimming in areas where they can't touch the bottom when they try to stand up. Is it me just being an overprotective mother, or is that something I should really be concerned about? I want my girls to have a fun time, and I want to make sure they're not rushing into anything that's going to scare them.

    Sara Welsh |



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