Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flat Wall Book Holders

Here's another flashback project post. I really love these shelves so I'm not exactly sure why I never posted about them. They hold a ton of books, fill some wall space, and we made them out of scraps from the Dream Dollhouses.

We used these plans from Ana White to make two 24" shelves and one 36" shelf. Yes, Austin helped with this building project. Usually I'm way to controlling to get help, but I was pretty pregnant at the time and rational choices had to be made. If only I was that functional all the time I we would probably get more done.

To attach them to the wall we just screwed them into the studs (after pre-drilling with a counter sink bit).

The whole project took maybe an afternoon and most of that was spent waiting for the paint to dry.

And yes, I'm prepping for a full nursery reveal someday soon. I'm shooting for before Norie's first birthday. :)


  1. We also made some of these shelves and I have to say that I love them. It is my favorite way to hold books for the kids and I think it is the easiest for getting the books in/out.

    1. Oh yeah. I remember those. I think you did shortly before I made these, but I forgot until now. :) I like that you can actually see the covers so it's kinda like wall art.



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